The Dark Photography Folio

Eyes of the Beholder

Book 1 of the Dark Photography Folio

Juliette Burns lands the job of a lifetime as first assistant to one of the best photographers in the world, the infamous Saxon Payne. Things heat up and Juliette thinks she’s found the man of her dreams, a lover whose skills and empathy are matched only by his drive and talent. But Juliette has a secret, one that could destroy their relationship, unless she solves the mystery of what happened to her as a child – when her mother kidnapped her into the Enlightened Path, a cult whose five hundred members all mysteriously disappeared on the same day - the day she can never remember. Eyes of the Beholder takes the reader to the world behind the lens, where fantasy and reality intertwine in a searing read you will find impossible to put down.

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Hands of the Maker

Book 2 of the Dark Photography Folio

In Book 2 of the Dark Photography Folio, Saxon and Juliette journey to Canada along with cast and crew to shoot for fashion client Daizu. But the stakes are higher than anyone dreamed because Daizu has plans to change the world of fashion. Forever. As the shoot takes on a life of its own, Juliette begins to buckle under the pressure of dealing with her estranged mother, her own mysterious past and the presence of Persephone, the Daizu client. Because Persephone is the one thing she can’t compete against, the one thing Saxon is helpless before - a stunning girl who is better at Kung-fu than he is. Then they discover that the whole Daizu shoot is just a distraction for a far more insidious agenda. Hands of the Maker takes the reader deeper into Saxon and Juliette’s world as they try to navigate the dark and treacherous waters of lust, betrayal and a past that won’t stay buried.

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Mouth of the Muse

Book 3 of the Dark Photography Folio

With the greatest shoot of his career in ruins, cut short by a past he had hoped to keep buried, Saxon Payne must race to retrieve the stolen nano-viewfinder if he hopes to save himself and all he holds dear. But he must do this without Juliette, his attraction to the mysterious Persephone now between them. Meanwhile Juliette discovers who her real father is and unbeknownst to Saxon, begins her own perilous journey to finally solve the mystery of what happened to her. From supernatural places that border this world to the Carnival at the End of Time that is Burning Man, Saxon and Juliette must both confront the past and the dark forces arrayed against them.

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