Hands of the Maker (Download)


In Book 2 of the Dark Photography Folio, Saxon and Juliette journey to Canada along with cast and crew to shoot for fashion client Daizu. But the stakes are higher than anyone dreamed because Daizu has plans to change the world of fashion. Forever. As the shoot takes on a life of its own, Juliette begins to buckle under the pressure of dealing with her estranged mother, her own mysterious past and the presence of Persephone, the Daizu client. Because Persephone is the one thing she can’t compete against, the one thing Saxon is helpless before – a stunning girl who is better at Kung-fu than he is. Then they discover that the whole Daizu shoot is just a distraction for a far more insidious agenda. Hands of the Maker takes the reader deeper into Saxon and Juliette’s world as they try to navigate the dark and treacherous waters of lust, betrayal and a past that won’t stay buried.


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